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Your New Page With Love Starts Now

Your New Page With Love Starts Now

Happy Wednesday To You!

I want to share with you a great way to restart your love life when sometimes it feels like you are putting in all of the right effort and not getting the result’s you want. I have felt this way in my life especially when growing my business to help singles in their love life.
I have had friends share with me that with my background, education and experience why don’t I just go get a corporate job and live happily ever after. I share with them that I love living out my passion everyday helping singles create the love life they deserve.
I also know that most corporate people would rather feel like they have the entrepreneur freedom that comes with owning your own business. But there is a lot of risk owning your own business as well.
In any case, I see a lot of singles that look at their love life very similarly to the safe corporate job feeling to the entrepreneur life, “why put in all the work, to build a new relationship that may not work out”, so instead they just stay safe with good friends, a good job, a lot of hobbies and traveling and not get too attached to someone new that may never work out.
It is hard to trust your instincts all over again when the last person you trusted in your love life did not work out. I know what you are feeling especially after my divorce I felt this exact same way.
 I too have trusted new employees, new managers, new assistants to find out later that the love business wasn’t what fulfilled their passion.
I did not get mad at them, I was thankful for the time we spent together. I was sad to see them leave but how many of us look at love the same way. That just because that person agreed to be with us and after being together for a certain amount of time, you two were not a good match,
Maybe they had bad communication, maybe they didn’t see the same long term future goals as you did, maybe they weren’t ready for the level commitment they thought they were months before meeting you.
It is sad and it hurts to see someone you trusted and even loved move on, but in some ways we have to be grateful that they didn’t just stay because they were afraid to hurt our feelings. Imagine if I had a staff that were just staying to help my company because they were afraid of hurting my feelings but did not care about all of the singles we help everyday.
This would not be a healthy company for our community and for myself the owner. Well I know a lot of people that are in jobs and relationships like this, they are afraid to move on to the unknown and play it safe by not hurting anyone’s feelings.

It is time for us to turn a new page and move on ourselves and be open to trusting and sharing our lives with the right person and in some cases we might have been the ones leaving our past relationships and its our time to open up and move into new territory, where we can find love with the right person. We are going to have trust and love again and in return I know the right person will show up in the right time!
I hope this helps you and I hope you can see in your life if you are playing it safe and how it is time to move on and begin new in love.
Your Love Encourager,
Renessa Rios-Strong and Love Activators Team
Match maker and dating coach Seattle
Founder Of Match Date Love; MDL hosts over 80 single events every year bringing together over 25,000 local singles, MDL has successfully matched over 300 couples and MDL is the only dating company providing personal growth dating classes and flirting coaching in the Northwest, Beverly Hills – Los Angeles CA and Dating Coaching Online Globally.

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