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spring dating
"Hello. I just wanted to thank you for the events you provide. I've met my current partner at a speed dating event you organized and it is going great. The L word has been used in our relationship and I see a great things coming,  Thank you."
“ this is a great team to work with guys. I really think Renessa is on to something good here. Cant wait for my next introduction. The Professional women here are nothing like online dating."
"I really like this company and how professional they all are and the Single events that are hosted. Renessa is awesome!"
Kyle. P
" Fun group. Hope to participated in more events."
Kathy. S
" To be honest, I had reservations about going because I didn’t think that I was going to meet anyone that I had a lot in common. I was happily surprised that I met at least three ladies that I would like to meet again to get to know better and do something fun with. I also really appreciated the talk by Renessa at the beginning. She provides some really great advice to be ‘ready’ for meeting the potential love of your life. Thank you Renessa! You and your staff are superb. "
Colleen. B
"I can’t believe it, they did it! We have a wedding date set and all of the MDL staff to thank. Renessa and associates are all on the guest list!"
Nick. S
"I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all your advice. It’s a long and difficult road to come out of my shell, but you’ve given me some amazing feedback and tools to use. While I am very saddened by what happened with her, I also know that I can improve, and it just takes one good match! With your help, I think I can get there. Thanks again, and have a great weekend!"
Robert. K
"I was a little hesitant on going to a dating coach but I know what I have been doing for 5 years has not been working. I kept attracting the same loser guys into my life. After two courses I developed my success plan to getting the relationship I wanted and now I have a boyfriend longer than 6 months! Trust me and try it. "
Veronica. P
"I’m SO thankful for your help and so so wish I’d come to you for help years ago! "
Fruaza. A”
"A skeptic at first, MDL made me a believer after introducing me to the love of my life within the first few dates."

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