Where are all the good guys?

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Happy Tueday To You! 

I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for your week! We have a fun singles event this Saturday evening for singles wanting to have 10 fun dates in one night! We will be meeting at the Parlor Billiards in Seattle at 4pm and I would love to see you there! Get Your Tickets Here!

Quick Love Growth Minute:

Last week I was coaching a nice woman about only dating men that are players and how she was frustrated with dating men that were not ready for a commitment. I can understand what she is feeling as sometimes the only men that are initiating conversation or flirting with women are the players and the really good men are too humbled to feel rejection so they wait or do not initiate at all.

In return some women are left with a limited selection of men to choose from because the “Good Guys” are not showing off their leadership qualities and initiating with women they are attracted to. This woman is attractive but they are also interested in dating nerdy, techy men that are interesting and want to be in a committed relationship and share the same qualities in life that create a loving and healthy relationship.

This nice woman asked me… “Renessa do these great men exist” and I said yes of course because I know a lot of them in my matchmaking service and of course those that attend my events and the ones that I have already successfully matched.

But why do these men always get overlooked?

These men are successful at work and with their careers but when it comes to dating, their qualities of leadership stop at the door.

This is a huge turn off for women wanting to date a man with confidence and leadership qualities that will turn into a great partner or husband one day in the future. But if men are expecting women to guess they have confidence or leadership qualities, then they will lose at the door because women want to see it in your body language and in your tonality and in your conversation, like men do at work leading their projects and teams.

All men carry these qualities, it is just those that are more open to sharing it and those that are not… either way with a little practice a great man can become an attractive man to ladies by the leadership and charismatic conversations he leads with women.

Now ladies this does not leave you with the excuse to not look at men differently knowing that the “Good Ones” are not going to try to throw themselves on you but are more wanting to share their life with you in a way that shares their true intentions of wanting a committed and healthy relationship.

This is a good time to take a step back and make sure we are not overlooking the “Good Guys” and that the “Good Guys” are not overlooking their qualities based on what we have experienced in the dating world thus far.

Sometimes we just need a little tweek in our dating and love life to step us in the right direction to creating love life we deserve and I am happy to support you. If you are interested in getting coaching for accessing your leadership skills in dating for men or knowing how to attract the Good Guys in dating then please sign up for a complimentary Discovery Session and I look forward to coaching you to love! 

I look forward to seeing you soon and supporting you into creating a loving and healthy relationship!

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