Sexual Bullying While Online Dating! Have you ever experienced this?


Hi Friends!

I came across an article writhed on the Independent Journal by  called “Woman Comes Up With the Best Revenge Ever to Expose 10 Years of Sexual Perverts!” The title caught my eye because I hear about clients who have been dealing with sexual perverts and getting bullied while online dating all the time. It is a huge problem. When people think of online bullying, they think of students and schools. They don’t realize that it is true for adults as well, specifically in online dating scenarios. Men and woman get so used to receiving message like those in this article that they forget how bad it is. This article is being specific to woman but men receive it as well.

Have you ever received a troubling message?

Don’t get me wrong. It can happen in person as well, but it takes a lot more guts to harass someone in person and it is often not tolerated. You should not tolerate it online either. I encourage you to do as much in-person dating as possible seeing as online dating is becoming almost over run with men and woman like this.

Have a fantastic week Friends!

Don’t lose hope! Your right person is out there somewhere!

Wishing You Love & Happiness!

Renessa Rios

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