Seattle’s Dating Coach Renessa Rios Lets Talk About Sex

Seattle’s Dating Coach Renessa Rios Lets Talk About Sex

We live in a world today that for whatever reason shunes the topic of sex as some underground issue or secret. Seattle Dating Coach Renessa Rios Talks about when in reality sex and intimacy is as much of our everyday life as getting dressed and eating. In Fact Humans have two basic desires Food and Sex thats what keeps us motivated. why? it is built in our DNA as these two activities will guarantee the survival of the human race… We have cooking shows, restaurants and countless books on how to have great food and what to do to make it… why are the books, shops, tv shows and other information on how to have great sex so secret? On todays show we will shine a big bright light on this subject and we’ll look at
three important additions to one’s sex life: position, time, and location to not just have sex but have great sex…With a few small additions to your sexual vocabulary you can break out of boredom and
lead happier, more satisfying sex lives. Postions, Time of day and location- The key is to not get into a pattern of boredom. Be creative in all three areas for sex, try new positions, in a new place at a new time.. Keeping the same old same old can and will get old… that is a basic fact. This excites the brain and builds excitement in the most powerful human interaction of making love. For more on this topic and others concerning Dating and Coaching check out our Date and relationship coaching page

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