Problem With Online Dating!

Hi Friends!

This week I was inspired to reach out to singles struggling with online dating. It is not an avenue I normally encourage as I feel very similarly to Jessi about the importance of meeting people organically, gaining that in person experience. It also means more to meet people in person because you need a certain amount of courage to walk up to a person and show your interest and that alone can make a huge difference. That person knows you were interested in them enough to drop your insecurities and walk up to them. Online messages on dating sites often get dismissed because it is just like shopping as she stated. They have nothing to go on except your “hello.” No body language, no having raw, organic conversation, no seeing if they are even a real person initially or really look like their photo.

Can you relate to famous Youtuber JessiSmiles online dating experience?

What do you love about online dating?



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