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Make This Year The Last Year Of Being Single

Make This Year The Last Year Of Being Single

Happy Friday To You!!

This is the year to have an open mind and heart to trying ways to meet new singles.
Here is a quick Ice Breaker Tip:
When sharing an activity, hobby or interest you enjoy doing when meeting someone new…. share the meaning of why you enjoy doing it not, just the topic. For example, you may like kayaking and the other person you are talking to likes to express themselves through writing.
As you two are talking and sharing the meaning of how kayaking connects you to nature and creates away for to you feel peaceful and appreciative of your life, the writer would probably share their same meaning in writing and how writing makes them feel the same way as well.
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You two now have a deeper connection on how you two feel when doing different activities but enjoying the same emotions.
You two may now be open to trying to going kayaking together or enjoying sharing what you enjoy writing about and the conversation can keep going!
Singles are attracted to feelings… we all have different facts about who we are, but that should not separate us from judging what others do in their life, instead it should engage us in what the meaning is of why they do what they do in their life. 
This year lets share how we feel when enjoying our job versus just a job title, how we feel when we are trying something new or new thoughts or ideas we have instead of just sharing I like the outdoors or hiking or photography etc.
This gives you a huge step ahead in creating attraction and connection with someone you just met!
Try to stay from one liner answers and take a minute to express who you are. Women and Men will enjoy talking to you more and that is when the sparks can begin!
I hope you can try this out at one of my events this weekend or date nights and enjoy the experience of connecting on a new level!
We also want to say congratulations to Bert and Monica for finding love through Match Date Love Coaching and are looking to get engaged soon.
Also a huge congratulation to the new parents Paul and Renee! Baby Joshua is our first baby of 2015! He was born at 8:15 on January 14, 2015 and weighed 6 lbs 5 oz and is 19.5 inches! Congratulations!

Your Love Encourager, 
Renessa Rios-Strong and Love Activators Team, dating coach and matchmaking services Seattle

Founder Of Match Date Love; MDL hosts over 80 single events every year bringing together over 25,000 local singles, MDL has successfully matched over 300 couples and MDL is the only dating company providing personal growth dating classes and flirting coaching in the Northwest, Beverly Hills – Los Angeles CA and Dating Coaching Online Globally.

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