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Today I want to talk to you about the importance of dating, actually dating spending quality time getting to know each other. Many people try to rush into a status on Facebook instead of taking time to go to multiple dates getting to know the authentic person you are wanting to get into a relationship with.

I read a really simple article with 5 basic reasons why courtship is still important. If you want to check out the article by ,  click here.

Dating prior to committing helps establish mutual respect. This is not just a casual, expected respect. This is the kind of respect that can only be earned. If you rush into a committed relationship, you do not have time to teach the other person how to treat you in order to earn your respect. This leads into the next point addressed. You are taking time to set expectations. You are, as I said, teaching the other person how to treat you. This is done through communicating your needs to the other person. When you rush into a formal relationship you often get lazy at keeping the romance alive through dating. If you take time to date and date often during the getting to know each other process, then you are creating a habit of dating and enjoying each others company. It takes 21 days to create a habit, so I would even go as far as saying that you should go on 21 dates. Don’t worry, this includes the simple coffee, walk, or movie night. That 21 goes by really fast. Dating before committing is also a really good way to gauge feelings and emotions without being completely invested in the other person yet or having to publicly sort out on Facebook why your relationship status changed multiple times in the first few months of dating. Sort all that out by taking time with each other and learning the emotional triggers or make or breaks.

The most of important reason to date before committing in my opinion is the last reason on this blog: It is a chance to pursue and be pursued! Love is the chase, right? It is good knowing that someone wanted you so much they took time to prove it and visa versa. It is nice having those romantic stories or letters/emails/texts to fall back on when you start taking your relationship to hire levels or when you are feeling nostalgic as people ask you how you met. If you don’t take time to create those memories, then you do not have a strong foundation to fall back on. Easy come, easy go.

If you have not dated in a while or are just getting back into the single world, I encourage you to check out our upcoming Speed Dating Event THIS SATURDAY!  If you don’t feel quite ready for that or you can’t seem take a dating relationship to the next level, I encourage you to take time to chat with me one on one so we can get to the core of the problem. You can learn more about my coaching services here.

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