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Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air

Romance can be elusive for some who seem to try hard and yet come up empty handed.  One Seattle Dating & Relationship Coach has set about to change how people find and maintain loving relationships. Believing everyone deserves love.


Renessa Rios

Renessa RIos

Seattle’s most loved Dating and Relationship expert to 25,000 Singles and Couples Worldwide.

“Just in time for your Valentines day tips, articles and expert advice needs.”

Renessa Rios owns Seattle’s largest single events, matchmaking and date coaching business Match Date Love for 8+ years.  She is breaking the Seattle Freeze one connection at a time helping our growing population and frustrated dating scene find love. Renessa Rios is available to support you in content submission, interviews or expert advice.   We look forward to working with you and sharing a message of New Beginnings in Dating,  Romance & Love to your readers and viewers.

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