Lets focus on the results and attach the journey to creating it



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Wow time flies when we are busy living life with friends and working and especially taking care of ourselves. One of my bonus secrets I want to give you is looking at your mindset when it comes to love and dating. Most of the singles I have worked with find that just the word “dating” is exhausting before they have added any action to the word. If we can switch our perspective on the word dating and provide an exchange in the word to be more positive and insightful then I think we can switch the outcome on negative thoughts attached to the word “dating”.

So lets look at some of the words attached to “dating”, disappointment, rejections, did not match my expectations, not attracted, no chemistry, waste of time, frustration, confusion, tiring, exhausting and so on. Now let us take a moment and write down some positive words of what dating can lead to once you meet the right person.

Lets focus on the result here and attach the journey to creating it: The results of finding the right woman or man would be exciting, romantic, flirtatious, curious, happy, feeling wanted, anticipation of the first kiss etc… the list goes on to planning out your lives together and falling in love.

I know it is a lot easier to read this, even write this out compared to actually downloading this into your thought process, but I compare this same process to losing weight. Instead of thinking of how much time it will take at the gym or how you have to modify your food selection, your thoughts are on the goal of feeling lighter, looking slimmer or healthier. You are excited to fit into a new size or show off you nice figure.

Everything including dating is of the mindset, some of us do better with a personal trainer and an accountability partner to gain results. Look at dating the same way. Make sure you have single friends to go out with and of course update your flirting and dating styles taking my flirting and dating personal growth classes to keep you training in the mindset of love and not the dating process.

Think of how you are “love” and the “love” you have to offer your next relationship! Men and women are attracted to those that carry the mindset of “love” versus that of tiresome “dating”.


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