Ladies! Would these Old Fashioned Ways impress you?



Happy Wednesday Friends!

I was curious how you all, especially the ladies, feel about these old fashioned dating tips listed in “Four Ways to Meet Women the Old Fashioned Way,” by NICK SAVOY at Mens Fitness online.

I personally love the Connect your eyes to your feet tip. When you see a girl who you might be interested in, make conversation with me. Move your feet towards her. This can be hard but learning some great opening conversation tact and understanding the importance of body language through dating coaching or at least learning some dating tips is really helpful. If walking up to women in just any setting seems intimidating to you, start with attending events specific to singles! Irrelevant of what you do to get you there, just remember to make the effort and keep moving towards what you want!

What is your favorite of these old fashioned ways?

Would these impress you ladies?

What other dating tips impress ladies?


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