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You are more than just a client. At MATCH DATE LOVE we are building a community to support singles just like you stay encouraged, supported and coached throughout the journey of finding love. Get the expert support you deserve. Join Us!


Women's Only Dating Class

Break The Love Lies

Datign Class For Ladies

Did you know the universal attraction for both men and women is confidence? Did you know men can sense a confident woman or a woman with insecurities?Do you want to know how confidence and independence are completely contradictory to each other?

What is hiding out in your “Love Relationships BLINDSPOT?”

A LOT more than you realize! The RELATIONSHIP REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN! Get ready to experience mind-blowing and eye-opening insights and principles that will free you from the female LOVE LIES.

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Success Stories

We Want You To Be Our Next Success Story

Success Stories

At Match Date Love We Believe in Love!….

Renessa and our staff  are dedicated to helping you find love. Often, due to our busy schedules, painful past relationships, or difficulty finding interesting and compatible partners, singles, like you, have yet to find their match. Thats how we help. We have had huge success here at Match Date Love introducing people just like you to love and happiness and we want you to be our next success story

Romance Casa Collection

Ignite Love Tonight

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Fill your home with the fragrance of romance and love with this special candle by Renessa Rios, Americas Most Loved Dating And Relationship Coach. Use this candle to promote a healthy life of love, passion and purpose. Whether you are buying this wonderful gift for yourself to enjoy or your special partner, you will ignite the love and passion that resides in us all. This candle is made in the USA and is filled with fanciful floating hearts and a spicy cinnamon scent ideal for spending time enjoying a romantic evening. Holds 16 oz. Burns up to 140 hours. Made in USA

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