Is Confidence in Dating a Make or Break?

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Hi Friends!

Confidence and how you feel about yourself can very well be a make or break in the dating world. I was reading through Huffington Post this afternoon and felt inspired to share ‘s article called “4 Quick Ways To Instantly Boost Your Dating Confidence!” I found all of it very accurate and true. I encourage ladies to follow her advice to find your allies and know the power of your closet, hair, and makeup. Remember, the clothes, hair, and makeup are not necessarily for him. They are for you to feel confident and be the best You that You can be! 

Men! This is for you as well. Just because that specific article is written to women does not mean that it does not have value for you as well. Men also need to know the importance of their closet, hair, and having allies. I know many Men can struggle a little more with asking their daughters or friends for style advice, but just hearing the words, “That looks great! She is going to love you,” from one of your allies instantly boosts your confidence and allows you to walk into that date with your head held high.

Confidence is what is on the inside as well but feeling confident on the outside will bring out your inner confidence. The confidence conversation can be deep rooted and some people need additional coaching to reach that inner confidence but I encourage you to start with allies and appearance. If you need an ally or additional coaching for appearance because you don’t have close family or friends in the area , reach out to us at Match Date Love and learn more about our amazing stylists and team that can support you in that!

Wishing You Love and Happiness in All You Do!

Renessa Rios

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