How To Attract Love In 2015: Dating Class Bellevue

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Date(s) - Jan/18/2015
5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center


How To Attract Love In 2015: New ways to turn your time into creating a healthy & happy relationship for 2015! Dating Class in Bellevue

Dating Class Bellevue


Renessa Rios Presents: How To Attract Love in 2015; New ways to turn your time into creating a healthy and happy relationship for 2015. 

Now is the time to reignite your love life to a new level this new year!


This dating class will inspire and educate you on new approaches to finding love in 2015.

Maybe you have tried them all…. singles events, online dating, dating services, asking your family and friends to joining clubs and groups in search of romance and love. Now is the time to not  give up, this class will give you effective guidance that will create results in this new year.

Renessa Rios will be share secrets on how you are attracting or sabotaging your love life so you do not have to spend another month or year alone. Before anyone can find love they must first be “Liked” by the person they are attracted to. If you have ever gone a first date and thought things went well, to find out the person did not like you the same way you liked them…. then your attract-O-meter is off. If you have been going on dates and you have not been attracted to any of your candidates, than your attract-O-meter may be off because you are the common denominator.

Sooner or later one must ask the question to themselves “Why am I dating men or women that are not attracted to me or why am I going on dates with people I am not attracted to?” Love is the end-game but this class will bring you back to the dynamic beginnings of building attractions with men and women you want to date and most of all where to find them.

Dating Class bellevue

There can be many reasons why your attract-O-meter is off and we want to make sure you have the knowledge and understanding on how to fix it.


This class will change the way you go on dates and results you want to achieve in 2015 with your love life:

This class will cover:

    1. Know how being “liked” can change how your date, your professional and social life in new ways.

    2. Your signature style approach to dating.

    3. Understand what builds attraction with men and women.

    4. Know why your attract-O-meter is attracting men or women in your life that do not want to date you and only want to be friends and put you in the “Friendzone”

    5. Know why your attract-O-meter is attracting men or women in your life that you do not want to date.

    6. 10 things singles do to “turn off” their dates and how to fix those red flags.

    7. 10 New way to “turn on” your date so you effective in being “liked to move into being loved”

    8. 15 New places to find singles women and men that match your interests, long term goals, and lifestyle to prevent you from wasting your time with all the wrong people.

    9. SPECIAL BONUS: 12 month dating-love dating calendar for everyone attending to track your results monthly.

    10. Meet new singles that care about learning and sharing in life to create new friendships, grow your social circle and be included in our Facebook Group to be inspired daily.

This class will only be taught once a year and we are sure you do not want to wait until 2016 to have the dating, romance and relationship knowledge this class will provide you in ONE seminar.

Dating Classes Bellevue



You will have two ways to access this class:

In Person: With Live Q&A and learning exercises for your love life and new opportunities for you to meet singles who value personal growth and development. We have singles that are now in love from meeting at our dating classes. (All participants will receive a copy of the recording as well.) (We only have 40 spaces available and this event is being marketed to 25,000 singles) Get your tickets early before they all sell out Here.

Online In Your Home: This is a great for our traveling, working, single parents and out of state friends.  You will receive a recording of the class within 48 hours of the class date, all PDF copies of the handouts during the class and links to our facebook group. (Online access is only available until the day of the class and then this class will be available to purchase at Renessa Rios online store for $50.00 Save $15.00 by getting your Online Ticket here)

Bookings are closed for this event.



About your Dating and Relationship Coach Renessa Rios:

 Dating Coach Renessa Rios (3)

Renessa is inspired to help as many singles with their love life as possible. We all have so much love to give in our hearts we just have to educated on who we give it to.

With over 124 million singles in the US, it is now the time to start getting the proper support and education with dating, romance and love to get out of the dating cycle and creating new beginnings this year.

This is a 2.5 hour class with teaching, open discussion, and socializing exercises to cover so much content. This class is must have of knowledge when comes to attracting your best partner in the future.

This is a once a year class and is not offered any where else. Please take the time to come out and shift how you date! Space is limited to only 40 singles! Get your tickets here.

Renessa Rios charges $150-$250 per hour for her private coaching services and you will have access to 2.5 hours of teaching worth over $450-$750 worth of teaching and coaching for only $35!  This is her group coaching rate offered to help as many people as possible in dating and love.

Early Bird Tickets: The first 25 tickets sold are only $35 (this helps guarantee our space rental)

3 Days before event: Ticket Price is $40

Last Minute Tickets: Day of event: Tickets are $50

Get Your Dating Class Tickets Below

You would have to read hundreds of dating books, to have the 10 years of education and teaching in dating to receive the information we are going to be teaching you in this exclusive 2.5 hour class. You do not want to miss out!



Bookings are closed for this event.

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