Dating in the 80’s!

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Happy Wednesday Friends!!

Got to love that 80’s flashback from the style and music to the video quality and mannerisms! It was a fun way to start my Wednesday!

In light of tonights speed dating event, I was browsing dating videos and came across this gem! What a different world it was in the 80’s! This video dating was right before online dating became popularized in the early 90’s. It is hilarious to watch but it does present the balance of in person and online. They still had to present themselves in a public manner, whether they did so well or not, and they also had the luxury of choosing who they will meet and not based on responses to their video profile.

Online dating is not all bad and if you prefer online dating, I encourage you to follow Match Date Love on Facebook and attend our next online dating class when it becomes available. You can also click here to learn how to create a profile that creates introductions and supports you to finding a happy relationship.


No matter where you are finding your dates, remember it all ends up coming down to that in person experience. Knowing how to present yourself to get a second date is so important. I hope you take time to attend singles events to meet other like minded singles looking for love just like you and if that is something that seems overwhelming to you, please call to learn more about my dating coaching option. I want you to succeed in dating. 20 years from now I don’t want your dating profile to look like these, as amusing as they are!

What was your favorite clip?

Do you create video profiles?

Wishing you love and happiness in All You Do!

Renessa Rios


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