Dating can be discouraging at times

Dating can be discouraging at times…

Happy Thursday To You!

    I hope your week is going great and you are ready for the weekend! I know that after Valentines Day it can be a huge relief to move past all of these holidays.
I always feel that from Thanksgiving Day to Valentines Day it can be a hard time for singles to go through, especially if this is your first year being single. I remember on one New Years Eve when I was single, I kissed the back of my hand on New Years Eve at midnight. I was my own date and although it was new for me and I wasn’t ready for a relationship after my divorce. I was happy because I didn’t feel stuck in a bad relationship anymore.
Dating can be discouraging at times, especially when we are going on  dates and not getting into the healthy and loving relationship we want.

I want to give you three ways to feel encouraged with dating, so you can feel energized on your next date night or singles event you attend! 
1. Get a pen and paper and write out all of the small things you are thankful for. The first step to getting more blessings in your life is to appreciate all of the ones you already have. List out 10 things you are thankful for today in detail such as your family, friends, home, car, job, you clothes, shoes, your breakfast, lunch and dinners, activities etc. Once you know what you are thankful for more, your bucket can grow for more blessings. Start to notice the small things in your life.
2. Appreciate someone today, thank someone today for them being who they are and let them know that you enjoy them and are thankful for them being in your life. This can be a call to family member, complimenting and encouraging a co-worker or a friend and this can also be someone at the coffee shop or next restaurant you dine in. Making someone else feel appreciated, actually makes you feel better as well. Practice sharing your feelings and this will grow you into a better partner in love as well.
3. Remember we are all life long learners and every experience and introduction is a lesson to grow into a better person for love and life. Encourage yourself to not give up on love and that every step you take towards your love life is one step closer to meeting the one. Sometimes we need to stop and have a good pep talk with ourselves and stop listening to all of the other outside influences and speak love and appreciation into ourselves. The next time you go out, others will be able to feel your confidence and when dating, your partner will feel that you are centered with who you are as woman or man.
I have a special night to ignite your flirting skills next Sunday evening and I would love to have you attend to support you in creating a wonderful new relationship.
Your Love Encourager, Renessa Rios-Strong and Love Activators Team.

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