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Because Match Date Love is so successful with matching all of our singles, we have a couples coaching program for our couples we have matched or for couples looking for a successful relationship.

These sessions can be offered one at time, or once a month, or once every 3,6,9 and 12 months. Renessa uses her experience in matching hundreds and hundreds of couples and from the success she has experienced in her marriage with her husband and how important her relationship coach as been to break through the hard times.

Couples Coaching

Renessa Rios has created a curriculum, that provides one on one sessions… pillars of success that guide you and your partner to have open conversations and  really check in with each other on your communications and your intimacy, your time together, your goals together. The foundations for healthy and happy relationships

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Through these private sessions you and your partner will learn...

How to create a passionate relationship
How to know your 5 love languages
Red Flags In Communication
Plus Much More
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