Love With No Regrets

Love With No Regrets

If you are wanting to step away from singles events for a while and wanting to have a personal matchmaker pre-screen your matches with caring and relationship minded singles please schedule a complimentary 30 minute phone call to go over your date night interview here.


We know how hard dating can be some times and we are here to help keep you encouraged and supported!! Love is so good with the right partner!


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Renessa Rios and Love Team

Founder of and

Author of “Date Right Or Stay Single Forever” and Co-Author of “Sexy Secrets To A Juicy Love Life”

Match maker and dating coach

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Love Is In The Air

Love Is In The Air

Romance can be elusive for some who seem to try hard and yet come up empty handed.  One Seattle Dating & Relationship Coach has set about to change how people find and maintain loving relationships. Believing everyone deserves love.


Renessa Rios

Renessa RIos

Seattle’s most loved Dating and Relationship expert to 25,000 Singles and Couples Worldwide.

“Just in time for your Valentines day tips, articles and expert advice needs.”

Renessa Rios owns Seattle’s largest single events, matchmaking and date coaching business Match Date Love for 8+ years.  She is breaking the Seattle Freeze one connection at a time helping our growing population and frustrated dating scene find love. Renessa Rios is available to support you in content submission, interviews or expert advice.   We look forward to working with you and sharing a message of New Beginnings in Dating,  Romance & Love to your readers and viewers.

Please see below reference links to learn more about the work she is doing in our community.

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Thank you for your time. Please feel free to reach out to schedule your time for the best advice for your show!


Chris and Renessa

This Is The Best Time To Connect and Spark Your Chemistry

This Is The Best Time To Connect and Spark Your Chemistry

Happy Blue Friday!
       I hope you have had a great so far and are ready for a another Super Bowl Win this Sunday! The atmosphere in Seattle is the best for dating. You can walk up to anyone and talk about the awesome comeback game we had a couple of weeks ago and how we are all cheering on our team and what do they like about our team and even where to they plan to watch the big game this Sunday?
It is the best time to connect and create a friendship and even spark the chemistry for romance and love.
No other city offers this great feeling with the “BeastMode” to show our enthusiasm.
We already have over 60+ single women and men attending our Seattle’s Biggest Singles Super Bowl Party this Sunday and I want to make sure we save you a seat!!
Also I have put together a Exclusive Valentines Day event called. “Be My Valentine” Red Dress and Red Tie Salsa Single’s Bash.
Do not be alone this Valentine’s Day. I have created a special night for Singles in our city.
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This is an Exclusive Event for Singles wanting more for Valentines Day than just sitting at home alone or going to a random bar. Come alone or with your friends: you are guaranteed to meet attractive and like minded singles at our event!
I believe everyone deserves a Valentine whether you are in a relationship or not. So we am creating this exclusive event for singles to enjoy being a Valentine… you get all the perks of being a Valentine and you get to surround yourself with others that are Valentines as well. No one is left out. Click here for more info and to get your tickets. 
We also have our New Romance Speed Dating event on February 21st in Bellevue, this is a great way to meet new singles that have a heart for new beginnings! Click here for more info and to get your tickets.
I look forward to seeing you soon and supporting you in your love life with my awesome staff and volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering for any of our events please email us at and we will connect you to the best events that allows you to help serve and connect with new friends effortlessly.
Your Love Encourager,
Renessa Rios-Strong and Love Activators Team, dating coach and matchmaker Seattle

Founder Of Match Date Love; MDL hosts over 80 single events every year bringing together over 25,000 local singles, MDL has successfully matched over 300 couples and MDL is the only dating company providing personal growth dating classes and flirting coaching in the Northwest, Beverly Hills – Los Angeles CA and Dating Coaching Online Globally.

Do you have weekend plans? Check out events below! 

Renessa RIos

Make This Year The Last Year Of Being Single

Make This Year The Last Year Of Being Single

Happy Friday To You!!

This is the year to have an open mind and heart to trying ways to meet new singles.
Here is a quick Ice Breaker Tip:
When sharing an activity, hobby or interest you enjoy doing when meeting someone new…. share the meaning of why you enjoy doing it not, just the topic. For example, you may like kayaking and the other person you are talking to likes to express themselves through writing.
As you two are talking and sharing the meaning of how kayaking connects you to nature and creates away for to you feel peaceful and appreciative of your life, the writer would probably share their same meaning in writing and how writing makes them feel the same way as well.
dating coach seattle
You two now have a deeper connection on how you two feel when doing different activities but enjoying the same emotions.
You two may now be open to trying to going kayaking together or enjoying sharing what you enjoy writing about and the conversation can keep going!
Singles are attracted to feelings… we all have different facts about who we are, but that should not separate us from judging what others do in their life, instead it should engage us in what the meaning is of why they do what they do in their life. 
This year lets share how we feel when enjoying our job versus just a job title, how we feel when we are trying something new or new thoughts or ideas we have instead of just sharing I like the outdoors or hiking or photography etc.
This gives you a huge step ahead in creating attraction and connection with someone you just met!
Try to stay from one liner answers and take a minute to express who you are. Women and Men will enjoy talking to you more and that is when the sparks can begin!
I hope you can try this out at one of my events this weekend or date nights and enjoy the experience of connecting on a new level!
We also want to say congratulations to Bert and Monica for finding love through Match Date Love Coaching and are looking to get engaged soon.
Also a huge congratulation to the new parents Paul and Renee! Baby Joshua is our first baby of 2015! He was born at 8:15 on January 14, 2015 and weighed 6 lbs 5 oz and is 19.5 inches! Congratulations!

Your Love Encourager, 
Renessa Rios-Strong and Love Activators Team, dating coach and matchmaking services Seattle

Founder Of Match Date Love; MDL hosts over 80 single events every year bringing together over 25,000 local singles, MDL has successfully matched over 300 couples and MDL is the only dating company providing personal growth dating classes and flirting coaching in the Northwest, Beverly Hills – Los Angeles CA and Dating Coaching Online Globally.

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Matchmaking Seattle

Your Successful Dating Intention For 2015.

Your Successful Dating Intention For 2015.

Happy New Year To You!

Wow this year is going by so fast already! I am still adjusting to not preparing breakfast, lunch and dinners for 17 family members everyday, as that is what last week looked like being in Arizona with all of my Big Mexican family and since I am the oldest of 6 kids and now they are married and having children, my family is truly multiplying literally.  
Your Time To Multiply:
I want to set an intention for you this new year of 2015. As you read this know that all of your efforts you put into your love life will multiply greatly. Each event, each date night, your introductions to new single friends creates a two fold of personal growth and connection of learning something new about yourself and the soul you are sharing with.
spring dating
I set the intention of you meeting the right partner this year and being bold and courageous to get out of the house and office to meet him or her. As you continue to take actions, you will be one more introduction closer to meeting him and her. 
Please have an open heart this new year, know people are sensitive to rejection and negative comments. Share your strengths and passions when meeting someone new, compliment others for their characteristics and notice how others will start complimenting you. 
Begin your dating life by being ready for every new opportunity life wants to give you. You are ready… now lets work together to create the loving and happy relationship you deserve. Check out our fun events here and if you are ready for matchmaking please click here!
If you need some one on one support with your dating-relationship life please feel free to set up a complimentary phone consultation with me Here.
Please do not stay home alone because we believe you deserve love too!
You can create love and it is soooo worth it!! 
Your Love Encourager, 
Renessa Rios-Strong and Love Activators Team,
Dating Coach Seattle, Seattle Matchmaking Team
Do you have weekend plans? Check out events below! 

Renessa Rios-Strong and Matchmaking Love Team

Founder Of Match Date Love; MDL hosts over 80 single events every year bringing together over 25,000 local singles, MDL has successfully matched over 300 couples and MDL is the only dating company providing personal growth dating classes, date coaching and flirting coaching in the Northwest, Beverly Hills – Los Angeles CA and Dating Coaching Online Globally.

Happy New Year from all of us at Match Date Love!

 Happy New Year from all of us at Match Date Love!

I just want you to know that your support this year is sooooo Appreciated and I would love to offer you a last chance to help us get a car for our single Mom in need.

We only need $600.00 more dollars and we will reach out goal of $3000.00! Your donation is tax deductible for 2014! 

Also all of your donations are Tax Deductible as my organization Match Date Love has a non profit side to helping our community in need and bringing social awareness to singles needing education in dating and relationships, community events and gatherings and one-on-one counseling and coaching to help singles create a loving and healthy relationship in their future.

We will send you a receipt of our donation to be used for you 2014 charitable giving once your donation is complete.

You are a part of our success, every event you attended and every person you spoke to and made a new friend or even a new relationship made 2014 possible for Match Date Love to continue to serve thousands in our Seattle-Eastside community.

This is how 2014 looked:for Match Date Love!
  • We Celebrated our 7th Year Anniversary
  • We hosted 85 singles events in Seattle and Bellevue area bringing together over 4,500 singles.
  • We hosted 12 charity events supporting local needs in our community such as TeenFeed, Northwest Harvest Food Bank, Tree House For Foster Children, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Bianca’s Homeless Shelter and more.
  • We handed out over 400 socks, gloves and beanies to homeless families and teens.
  • We had 72 couples find love this year through our Matchmaking and Social Gatherings.
  • We had 5 couples get married.
  • We have 1 new baby on the way.
  • Our coaching and counseling has helped over 400 singles restart their love lives and gain a new perspective on how to date and find love.
  • Over 1000 new friendships were made this year from new singles that just moved here and singles looking to grow their social circle.
  • Our last need is helping Singles Mom Carmen get a new car for 2015 for her family. Please help and donate here and be a a part of the success.
We look forward to serving you in 2015 and inspiring you in new ways for friendship, romance and love.
Together as a community we can heal, support and connect in new ways that last a lifetime of joy and happiness.
We believe this new year is going to the year for you to create a loving and healthy relationship and we are here to help you!
Happy New Year!
Renessa Rios-Strong and Match Date Love Team
I look forward to seeing you next year and providing you with new ways for you to find love!
Our Non-profit Tax ID is 47-1613436
As we give to others, our spirit can expect from God-Universe to give back to us on our needs and desires. 

Renessa Rios almost gave up but…

Greetings of Love & Hugs To You!
I hope your Thursday is going great, I just wanted to share with two events we have this weekend to help you get out of the office, out of the house and meeting new awesome singles in your community. We have five more fun events this month to introduce you to new friendships, romance and love!
So I went on a hike Sunday with my family to Poo Poo Point in Issaquah and I was not prepared for the steep up climb. My calves were burning, my 8 year old daughter Ambrina was ready to give up and I kept saying we are almost there. Then after about thirty minutes I was ready to give up and my Husband Chris kept cheered us to keep going, then after about 45 minutes of hiking straight uphill we were all ready to give up!
But along the way hikers coming down from the point kept cheering us on and telling us how worth it was at the top of the mountain. There were singles, couples and kids cheering us on to not give up and keep going! After an hour+ of hiking straight up! We made it to the top! I was so thankful for the support of my family and most of all strangers that kept us motivated to keep going. I was so ready to turn around!
I do not know where you are in your love life, if you feel like giving up or that finding the right partner is too hard and too risky dealing with all of the bad dates. Well let me just tell you that Love is well worth it… the journey in life with a partner that loves and adores you is worth the climb and hurting legs days later.
Please keep going after love, love for yourself, love for your family and friends, love for your community, love for our world and of course a loving and happy relationship!
Please RSVP for our events as they sell out fast from the success of finding love and I want to help you find love this month!
Please do not give up! Join Us!
All my hugs, smiles and love to you,
Renessa Rios and Love Team

Check out our fun events here! 


Poo Poo Point Hike Issaquah

Lets focus on the results and attach the journey to creating it



Hey You!

Wow time flies when we are busy living life with friends and working and especially taking care of ourselves. One of my bonus secrets I want to give you is looking at your mindset when it comes to love and dating. Most of the singles I have worked with find that just the word “dating” is exhausting before they have added any action to the word. If we can switch our perspective on the word dating and provide an exchange in the word to be more positive and insightful then I think we can switch the outcome on negative thoughts attached to the word “dating”.

So lets look at some of the words attached to “dating”, disappointment, rejections, did not match my expectations, not attracted, no chemistry, waste of time, frustration, confusion, tiring, exhausting and so on. Now let us take a moment and write down some positive words of what dating can lead to once you meet the right person.

Lets focus on the result here and attach the journey to creating it: The results of finding the right woman or man would be exciting, romantic, flirtatious, curious, happy, feeling wanted, anticipation of the first kiss etc… the list goes on to planning out your lives together and falling in love.

I know it is a lot easier to read this, even write this out compared to actually downloading this into your thought process, but I compare this same process to losing weight. Instead of thinking of how much time it will take at the gym or how you have to modify your food selection, your thoughts are on the goal of feeling lighter, looking slimmer or healthier. You are excited to fit into a new size or show off you nice figure.

Everything including dating is of the mindset, some of us do better with a personal trainer and an accountability partner to gain results. Look at dating the same way. Make sure you have single friends to go out with and of course update your flirting and dating styles taking my flirting and dating personal growth classes to keep you training in the mindset of love and not the dating process.

Think of how you are “love” and the “love” you have to offer your next relationship! Men and women are attracted to those that carry the mindset of “love” versus that of tiresome “dating”.


My Flirting dating class this Sunday is almost sold out so please buy your tickets Here!

Renessa Rios & Love Team

Check out our March Calendar of fun singles events!

Saturday March 22: Complimentary Wine Tasting & Dinner Party over 40+ only Ladies Sold Out: Only 5 Men Tickets Available Sunday March 23:  How To Flirt To Get Good Dates & Romance: Dating Class & Dinner

Sunday March 30: Dress For Dates – Makeover Heaven

I love bringing fun singles together for friendship, love and happiness! Let’s enjoy life together!

See you soon!

How To Break The Ice At A Holiday Party

Renessa Rios of Match Date Love shares the top three ways to break the ice this holiday season. Dont stand on the side lines at your  upcoming holiday parties. Lear how to build chemistry through conversation… the foundation of a potential relationship. Break the ice and start sharing what is important to you, with that special person. For more dating tips visit “Your Introduction To Love And Happiness.”