Happy New Year from all of us at Match Date Love!

 Happy New Year from all of us at Match Date Love!

I just want you to know that your support this year is sooooo Appreciated and I would love to offer you a last chance to help us get a car for our single Mom in need.

We only need $600.00 more dollars and we will reach out goal of $3000.00! Your donation is tax deductible for 2014! 

Also all of your donations are Tax Deductible as my organization Match Date Love has a non profit side to helping our community in need and bringing social awareness to singles needing education in dating and relationships, community events and gatherings and one-on-one counseling and coaching to help singles create a loving and healthy relationship in their future.

We will send you a receipt of our donation to be used for you 2014 charitable giving once your donation is complete.

You are a part of our success, every event you attended and every person you spoke to and made a new friend or even a new relationship made 2014 possible for Match Date Love to continue to serve thousands in our Seattle-Eastside community.

This is how 2014 looked:for Match Date Love!
  • We Celebrated our 7th Year Anniversary
  • We hosted 85 singles events in Seattle and Bellevue area bringing together over 4,500 singles.
  • We hosted 12 charity events supporting local needs in our community such as TeenFeed, Northwest Harvest Food Bank, Tree House For Foster Children, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Bianca’s Homeless Shelter and more.
  • We handed out over 400 socks, gloves and beanies to homeless families and teens.
  • We had 72 couples find love this year through our Matchmaking and Social Gatherings.
  • We had 5 couples get married.
  • We have 1 new baby on the way.
  • Our coaching and counseling has helped over 400 singles restart their love lives and gain a new perspective on how to date and find love.
  • Over 1000 new friendships were made this year from new singles that just moved here and singles looking to grow their social circle.
  • Our last need is helping Singles Mom Carmen get a new car for 2015 for her family. Please help and donate here and be a a part of the success.
We look forward to serving you in 2015 and inspiring you in new ways for friendship, romance and love.
Together as a community we can heal, support and connect in new ways that last a lifetime of joy and happiness.
We believe this new year is going to the year for you to create a loving and healthy relationship and we are here to help you!
Happy New Year!
Renessa Rios-Strong and Match Date Love Team
I look forward to seeing you next year and providing you with new ways for you to find love!
Our Non-profit Tax ID is 47-1613436
As we give to others, our spirit can expect from God-Universe to give back to us on our needs and desires. 

Renessa Rios almost gave up but…

Greetings of Love & Hugs To You!
I hope your Thursday is going great, I just wanted to share with two events we have this weekend to help you get out of the office, out of the house and meeting new awesome singles in your community. We have five more fun events this month to introduce you to new friendships, romance and love!
So I went on a hike Sunday with my family to Poo Poo Point in Issaquah and I was not prepared for the steep up climb. My calves were burning, my 8 year old daughter Ambrina was ready to give up and I kept saying we are almost there. Then after about thirty minutes I was ready to give up and my Husband Chris kept cheered us to keep going, then after about 45 minutes of hiking straight uphill we were all ready to give up!
But along the way hikers coming down from the point kept cheering us on and telling us how worth it was at the top of the mountain. There were singles, couples and kids cheering us on to not give up and keep going! After an hour+ of hiking straight up! We made it to the top! I was so thankful for the support of my family and most of all strangers that kept us motivated to keep going. I was so ready to turn around!
I do not know where you are in your love life, if you feel like giving up or that finding the right partner is too hard and too risky dealing with all of the bad dates. Well let me just tell you that Love is well worth it… the journey in life with a partner that loves and adores you is worth the climb and hurting legs days later.
Please keep going after love, love for yourself, love for your family and friends, love for your community, love for our world and of course a loving and happy relationship!
Please RSVP for our events as they sell out fast from the success of finding love and I want to help you find love this month!
Please do not give up! Join Us!
All my hugs, smiles and love to you,
Renessa Rios and Love Team

Check out our fun events here! 


Poo Poo Point Hike Issaquah

Welcome to Greece

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