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Happy Monday!

I ran across an article by Shay “Your Date Diva” Williams called,”5 Ways to Attract Love in 30 Days!” This article was written for the new year, but it is applicable on year round and today I was inspired to share with you these 5 habits that will lead you to attracting more love and romance. With Fall quickly approaching, a season full of change, I wanted to inspire the singles in my community to apply these tips to change little habits to Fall into love and romance this season!

First, Expect! I completely agree when the author talks about changing expectations. If you expect to be hurt and disappointed in love, that is what you will get. If you expect to find love and romance, then you will attract that. Change your expectations to be positive and starting thinking you will find love this season!

Second, Prepare! This goes hand in hand with expecting. Once you expect something will happen, such as going on a business trip, then you prepare for it. You pack your bags, prep your house, and inform your friends and family. This goes for setting your expectation to find love as well. Prepare yourself, your home, your lifestyle for the love of your life to arrive.

Third, Remove! Identify what is holding you back from finding love such as emotional barriers or the story you tell yourself everyday. Clean house! Don’t allow your fears to hold you back from attracting love! If you can’t identify what the problem is or what is holding you back, that is where Match Date Love can support you.

Fourth, Commit! Nothing happens on your terms without a commitment to it happening. Commit to falling in love this season and to allow someone to fall in love with you.

Finally, Receive! Don’t hesitate when you feel you have finally found the right one! The person you have been expecting, preparing for, and committed to finding. Receive the gift of love and romance with an open heart and mind. Of course you shouldn’t just dive in without really knowing the person or having the backing of a private matchmaker who knows you from the inside out, but be open to it. Be willing to put in the time and effort to get to know them and make sure they don’t just imitate the person you want and are fully the person you intended to find.

I completely agree these 5 steps are necessary to setting you up for success in attracting love over the next 30 days. In addition to taking control over your intentions and motivations, it is also important to put yourself in situations where you have the opportunity to meet new singles. This is why Match Date Love hosts over 80 events in the Seattle area a year. Check out our events and other events in the area over the next month and attend as many as you can to give yourself the most opportunity to be seen by the person you are working to attract!

May You Find Love and Happiness in All You Do!

Renessa Rios 

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