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Renessa Rios is a nationally recognized speaker, Author of “Date Right Or Stay Single Forever”, and expert in dating, sex, and relationships. She is the only Relationship and Dating expert for NBC King 5 New Day Northwest Show and Fox News Q13 Morning Show. She has been featured in publications, TV networks, and hosts her own Sex & Relationship Radio Show. She is the founder and CEO of the Northwest’s largest dating company hosting single events, dating seminars and private coaching. As a CEO herself, she understands that dating, sex and love can affect the bottom line at work, home and your confidence within. Her energetic message applies to both women and men from virgins to widows. She is dedicated to empowering individuals with their family, friends, and work relationships to create a successful balance in love and everything else life throws you! Renessa Rios is filming her own TV show with a national cable network to show the world the standards in dating, sex, and relationships.

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More Than Matchmaking

Private Coaching…

My premium luxury services does not change who you are or how you dress, we partner with you to bring you and your style up to date in dating.

First impressions are everything. Before you even open your mouth over 70% of your image is judged.

Regardless of your relationship status, being up to date with dating trends, fashion and home decor can give you an edge in the dating world. Since we know how busy our members are, we have put a staff of experts to guide you where ever you may need support. All of our Members are smart and savvy in their profession and they enjoy the fact of knowing they have a “one stop shop” for all their relationship and personal needs. Click here to schedule a 30min dating check in

Public Speaking…

The RIGHT speaker with the PERFECT message. I capture audiences from the moment I walk on stage.  Whether your group is looking for motivation, inspiration, leadership development or powerful, results-producing strategies for leveraging successful relationships in business and in your personal life. My personal stories and expertise, building successful business and relationships for over 11 years deliver heart pulling emotions that speak to the desire in all of us. Your audience will thank you! Click here for availability

TV Personality…

Renessa Rios is Seattle’s #1 Romance, Dating and Intimacy Expert to over 20,000 singles. Seattle has a history for being a tough place for people to connect and meet new friends. Renessa has built a program that breaks the “Seattle Freeze” with her dynamic personality and loving heart.

Renessa’s vision is to use her gifts to guide, direct and transform the over 7 billion people worldwide in dating, sex and relationships. The best way as you know to reach them is through television. Her love and empowerment to men and women have given lonely people a community they can rely on. In fact, Renessa has successfully helped thousands of women and men find their confidence in dating, sex and relationships. leading to many marriages and babies.

Renessa Rios Bio

Renessa has successfully helped over 3000 women and men find their confidence in dating, sex and relationships. Although she was doing great financially running her nightclub, she did not feel that that was her purpose and wanted to help others in new way. As she continued to operate her nightclub she enjoyed creating singles mixers to see singles speed date and mingle in hopes of meeting their life partner. She loved to see their excitement and anticipation of romance. She felt a strong pull in her heart to help men and women that showed up but were too shy or introverted to engage with others. She could see they wanted to converse but their fear of being rejected and lack of confidence kept them alone the whole night.She quickly looked for dating coaches in Seattle area to help her single friends and to her dismay their was not any local dating coaches. She felt opportunity all over again. She followed her heart once again and invested and attended a relationship coaching school to become a Certified Relationship and Dating Coach while running her night club full time.

More on Renessa

At the age of 27, Renessa founded Three Step Dating, a company that helps singles in her online seminars and is becoming nationally known on Today, Three Step Dating has grown into MATCH DATE LOVE, the nation’s first retail based Matchmaking and Dating support business. Renessa’s vision is to use her gifts of compassion to help the over 7 billion people worldwide in dating, sex and relationships. She uses all media outlets to access millions of individuals that need support in their life. Her love and empowerment to men and women have given people a community they can rely on.

Renessa has always followed her heart in life regardless of the norm and status quo. At the age of 13, Renessa started her own weekly group at her middle school called “God On Campus” to help her peers deal with teen pressure, suicidal thoughts, home molestation and loneliness. Renessa quickly became trusted by her peers through her non-judgmental acceptance, listening to others and understanding their circumstances by offering them a friend to open up to and a hand to pray with. She now finds herself listening to stories nightly from her regulars as if she was 13 all over again. However, now it is bigger problems of divorce, rape, drugs and attempts of suicide. She saw her close friends pass away from domestic abuse, suicide and drugs.

Renessa Rios is the oldest of six children and came from being homeless at points in her childhood, living in a car with her single mother to owning the largest privately owned dating company in the Northwest at 27 years old. Renessa, at an early age knew how to use her social skills for survival as a teen mother and survivor of gangs, alcohol and abuse. By the age of 12 she had gone to 9 different elementary schools because of her poverty-stricken upbringing. She remained optimistic and enjoyed the little things in life such as family meals, prayers and electricity.

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