Renessa Rios is the Founder and CEO Of Match Date Love and understands how to start over after divorce as a single mother.

Renessa Rios has experienced and learned about heartache, disappointments and frustrations when her marriage broke apart leaving her alone with two small children. After a few years, she learned many lessons and coping skills and is now sharing her success by creating Match Date Love. She was introduced to Christopher Strong at a Conference where she was speaking in July 2012 and they married December11, 2013. Renessa and Chris now lead together as a Husband and Wife Team, coaching singles on how to create the loving and healthy relationships we all desire when we are single.


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Match Date Love Success Story- One Of Hundreds! – Meet David And Anita Married August 2014! This can be you!

About Us: Match Date Love Organization was founded by Renessa Rios in 2008. Her desire originated from hosting single events with over 20,000 singles on Meetup.com and friendly referrals from professional friends wanting more than online dating. These were men and women, just like you, seeking meaningful relationships and love – not friends with benefits or flakey games.

Match Date Love Organization was created in effort to educate, motivate and inspire singles that love is available to those whom are seeking. Match Date Love is open for all age groups, backgrounds and spiritual preferences. Renessa comes from a Christian background and believes her gifts to help singles find love should not restrict or discriminate with someones elses religious preferences. 

At Match Date Love, we stand for love, helping the lonely and/or the broken hearted heal and start over again. Match Date Love believes in second chances and third chances, or as many as it takes to create a healthy and happy relationship. 

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Match Date Love is one of the only Singles Organization creating 80+ singles gatherings every year, which is 5-8 social mixers every month and providing educational courses on how to date, find love and maintaining a healthy relationship. Match Date Love also provides introductions to pre screened singles that match your preferences in lifestyle, attraction, ethnicity, religious preferences, age, activities, travel, passions and long term goals.

At Match Date Love, we give you feedback after every introduction to find out if you said or did anything that was a turn off or turn on to create the best results in finding love.

We coach you on the fine art of dating so that you can find the love you deserve.

No more guessing why he or she did not call back! 

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At Match Date Love, Renessa and her staff  have dedicated their lives to helping you find love. Often, due to busy schedules, painful past relationships, or difficulty finding interesting and compatible partners, singles like you have yet to find their match.

Additionally, the infamous “Seattle Freeze” is a known culprit of making Seattle a lonely place for singles. For the newbies reading this, the “Seattle Freeze” is where a group of singles gets together but takes on “ice-like” personas: acting standoffish, distant, or untrusting. It is very unfortunate because originally everyone came together for the right reasons- friendship, romance and love- but no one is approaching one and other. If you feel like dating has been a challenge, due to the Seattle Freeze or other reasons, you’re in the right place!

Fortunately, Renessa has dedicated herself to changing how Seattle and the Eastside area dates and finds love. With Renessa’s skills, we can teach you how to improve your dating life and how to melt the Seattle Freeze. In 2009, Renessa graduated from the Relationship Coaching Institute and became a certified Relationship and Dating Coach. Additionally, Renessa also attended The Matchmaking Institute and interned in Los Angeles with Millionaire Matchmaker Julie Forman. With all this knowledge and experience, Renessa is skilled at creating successful matches based on personality, compatibility and long-term goals.

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In 2010, her matchmaking success inspired her first book “Date Right Or Stay Single Forever”. Her book can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes And Nobles.com. Currently, Renessa is in the process of writing her second dating and relationship book titled, “How to Slow Down in a Busy World to Find Love.” Furthermore, Renessa is the only dating coach in the Northwest that teaches monthly personal growth seminars on finding and attracting love into your life.

Renessa is the founder of Romance Success University. She has teamed up with local and national speakers, authors, therapists, and doctors to teach monthly courses that inspire singles to grow and understand their role in successful relationships. Moreover, she aims to help singles identify what could potentially be holding them back from finding true love.

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How does -Match Date Love- Work?

Renessa Rios has put together a dynamic and results driven team of matchmakers and event coordinators to create a dream team of Love Catchers. Match Date Love was created for professional singles that are ready for more than dating. Do you want to be matched with desirable singles, enjoy dating, and creating loving and lasting relationship? Then Match Date Love is for you!

Match Date Love is committed to creating success for each one of our members. Unlike online competitors, no one is just a subscription or another profile to match. Each person is assigned to a specific matchmaker. We work with each one of our members individually until we find the right match. Remember, I did not say perfect match because no one is perfect. Instead, we match wonderful imperfect people with happy imperfect people. The only difference is that all of our members have an open heart to love compared to being defensive or cold.

We are not here to shop profiles. Many of the singles that come to Match Date Loves as clients do not have a problem finding dates but finding love is a challenge. Dating is completely different than love. Someone can be really good at dating and really bad at creating a strong relationship that is built on love, trust and happiness. Love is an action word, so to find love and receive love one must have action. Saying I love you is not always enough. One must have actions to back up the word: actions like showing someone you love them with your time, affection, and words of affirmation.


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Why Match Date Love over Online Dating?

We have hundreds of Relationship Ready Singles To Meet in all age groups and backgrounds.

Have you experienced the vortex that is online dating? At MATCH DATE LOVE we understand how online dating can become so monotonous. After months of emailing someone, you only experience disappointment after a bad first date. Many online singles do not look like their pictures or do what their profiles say they do. Many online singles are trying to impress others in hopes that you will believe their lies.

At MATCH DATE LOVE we meet all of our members face to face-not online. And most importantly, we sit with each of them to see if they are serious about dating, or if they are just looking for hookups. Our process focuses on integrating the external you, internal you and your expectations around dating and relationships. Knowing what your strengths are and leveraging them is a critical step towards connecting you with your ideal match. Understanding your relationship goals and ensuring that we are committed to your success is what makes us different from all other dating and matchmaking companies.
We believe you deserve love. We have a match for you, and we are here to help you find love today. Schedule your appointment today and break the cycle of loneliness now.


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