7 Reasons Online Dating Can Sabotage Your Intention To Find Love!

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Hi Friends!

This morning I was inspired to share an with you an article written by  called, “7 Drawbacks Of Online Dating, According to Science.” I thought this article was well written and it cited some good evidence of explaining issues with online dating that I often address in my Dating Classes!

Many singles do it. Just look at the photo and decide in a swipe to the left or the right whether that person is right for you. They often can forget that these are all people and not commodities. When they do choose to give that person a shot, it is often based on unrealistic expectations which can set your date up for failure.

I encourage you all to read this and take these drawbacks into consideration while you are online dating. Online dating isn’t bad. It just needs to be done carefully and intentionally so you don’t fall into any of these traps such as having unrealistic expectations and viewing people as commodities.

Take a look! Tell me what you think!

Renessa Rios

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