3 Reasons Self-Love Leads to Finding True Love!

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Good Morning!

I am so excited that we are halfway through the week! My team and I are busy getting everything ready for this Saturday’s Speed Dating Event at Amber in Seattle. As I was matchmaking my clients and working on events to end out 2015, I was inspired to talk to everyone about the importance of self-love while your searching for love. Self-love  is a topic I’m sure many of you have heard about before. Many of us still underestimate the important role it plays in our own happiness let alone how influential it can be in finding romance, love, and a successful relationship.

I read an article by  called, “Why Self-Love Is The Key To Finding True Love.” and came up with 3 reasons self-love leads to finding the love of your life:

Reason 1: How you treat yourself reflects how your potential partner will treat you.

You teach people how to treat you and when they see you place value on yourself, you will be treated with value by them. Not to mention you will also value yourself enough to only allow people in your life who treat you well. Insecurity can be a huge enemy in finding love.

Reason 2: You become magnetic

When you love yourself and are happy, that is very attractive to a potential romantic partner.

Reason 3: You will be authentic

Once you are in a position where you are comfortable in your own skin and love yourself for who you are, you will no longer worry about how the wrong people look at you. Your authentic self will attract the right people and your romantic love will be very natural.

I encourage you all to start self love habits!

Have a happy Wednesday!

Renessa Rios-Strong

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